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Adam coached and prepped me for my first bodybuilding competition. The nutrition, the training, the supplementation, Adam knows it all as thoroughly as anyone I know. I set out to prep for a show, and what I ended up with was so much more. As a result of our work together, I became a better father, husband, friend, employee, and perhaps most unexpected, sober. I no longer drink or smoke because I began caring too much about my overall health and longevity. I am certain that without Adam’s guidance and inspiration I could not have achieved what I did, including getting on stage and kicking ass in my first NPC show.

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I have been in the gym for a few years now off and on with having motivation and lacking motivation. I started seeing Adam on social media quit a bit and then when Anytime in Sutton opened he was there like it was a sign for me to get the help I needed. Seeing him work with others, his constant posts on social media and really just the positive vibe he gives off in so many ways I knew he would be the one to help me stay motivated and hold me accountable to achieve my goals! I have been working with Adam and using his app for about 2 months now and real goals have been met thanks to him! Excited to keep moving forward and conquer even more! 10/10 recommend

– Amanda D.

With an extraordinary work ethic, Adam is a determined and dedicated individual and trainer. Adam doesn’t simply train, he inspires and motivates us all to be better, live healthier, and smile bigger. Whether you want to trim your tummy, live healthier & cleaner lifestyle, or build the muscle of your dreams, he is an exceptional guide and an absolutely unique individual. When you’re ready to lift your spirits and some weight, choose smart, choose Flex Level.

– L Mac

This is hands down the best overall wellness coaching money can buy! Adam has a true passion for helping others and genuinely cares for his clients! If your looking to make a lifestyle change rather than the same false promise plans out there this is the spot!

– Aaron C.

I am not one to share reviews good or bad, but in this instance it was so well deserved that I felt compelled to. I began working with Adam 9 months ago at Impact Fitness in Auburn after seeing him constantly helping people, clients and members, by providing advice about their diet or training. After a few weeks I introduced myself, and was blown away by his passion to help me and others. He genuinely cared about my success and the efficacy of my time spent in the gym, which is limited due to my job. I was sold on my experience seeing him interact with others, his own workout regimen, and his reputation. Just as we were to start, COVID hit and the gym closed. Adam still met with me twice a either online or in person to review workouts and my diet. Because of him, I am down 48 pounds, and I now know what foods are most appropriate for helping me achieve my goals, and what I must avoid. Admittedly, I followed his plan with about 85% accuracy, which is what he told me was required for success, I am down 4 waist size, and most important, am off ALL diabetic medication, including insulin and metformin. Adam changed my life, and it is the best investment I have ever made. His ability to motivate, inspire, and knows the business of fitness inside healthy living inside and out. Working with Adam has been a game changer, and I am certain there is no better coach around. As much as I appreciate what he did for me, Adam seems to appreciate every single client equally for allowing him the opportunity for him to help them improve their lives both mentally and physically.

– John H

Being nearly 7ft tall I have always had trouble filling out. By training with Adam and revamping my diet, I was able to finally begin to fill my frame. I was a collegiate level athlete and worked out since high school. Not until I was 37 and began working with Adam did I begin seeing results. I finally feel like my time in the gym is well spent. The education he provides is invaluable.

– Eric G

Covid had me so out of sync due to the gym being temporarily closed and working from home. I needed a boost to get me back into it, and I found it with Adam and Flex Level Fitness. He has given me so much more than nutrition and training guidance. I feel so renewed and can’t thank him enough for not only being back on track, but also being prepared for the future and to handle closures that may happen in the future.

– Tina J

I listen to all your posts as I’m sure many people do and I guarantee you help so many people without even knowing it. Powerful stuff and I have the utmost respect for you and the work you have put forth to recover and do all that you do. 

– Stephen D

I approached Adam after seeing the results he was producing with numerous clients he works with at Impact and have not been disappointed. After about 3 months together I was activated with the National Guard and forced to work out at home. He made applicable dietary changes and provided me at home workouts to do using the weights I have access to, and resistance bands. He has continued to hold me accountable and I can’t wait to get back to our regular training regimen in the gym and continue to progress to achieving even greater goals than I ever set out to meet.

– Jessica C

That leg day was awesome! Quads are sore and that’s hard for me to accomplish! It’s usually my hammys that are sore! Looking forward to making more progress!! Thanks! Plus-ZERO back pain! Yeahh! Making progress all around!

– Heather R

Thanks again  I really do feel so much better even though I’m not physically where I want to be yet, I’m mentally great and it’s only been 2 weeeks, and I rather feel healthy like this rather than hitting the store to buy alcohol to feel better.

– Patrick Y

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