Brown Rice VS White Rice

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Podcast

Hey guys and girls! This week on Gains of Freedom we really get into some questions such as white rice or brown rice and the often misunderstood difference, what determines vascularity, some COVID topics, leg days, bench press, and more! THIS…is what we do!

If you’d like to skip to topics:

1:50 Impact Fitness/Covid

6:25 Brown Rice v White rice

12:00 Keto v Low carb dieting

17:32 Most important advice I’ll ever give regarding training

20:27 Bicep curl form

25:25 Vascularity and how do I get it?

31:00 Importance of Legs in competition

39:10 Bodybuilding vets reliving their youth

41:28 Alcohol while dieting for fat loss/muscle gain

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